DNA analysis really puts the personal into Personal Training and nutrition.

Our genes make us who we are and impact every aspect of our health. Understanding your DNA wil help you lead a healthier life,and achieve all your fitness goals.

Explore your natural ability and exercise according to your personal genetics.

Train using a personalised training program,which is tailor made to your own DNA.

Eat the foods suited to your body. Find out which type of diet suits you. Know exactly which vitamins and minerals you need to supplement, and the exact amounts.
Discover your sensitivity to carbohydrates, salt, saturated fats, alcohol, and lactose.

As an accredited and registered trainer with DNAFit, I can offer training programs and nutrition plans based on your unique DNA. I can also give you a substantial discount from the prices on the DNAFit Website.

You receive a kit in the post, then simply take a mouth swab and post it back. (Exactly the same as if you bought directly from the DNAFit website).
The results will be emailed to you approximately 10 working days after receipt of your samples.

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The high end package.
Comprehensive analysis of the complete panel of genes for fitness and diet.
The Fitness Diet Pro is a combination of the DNAFit Fitness Premium and DNAFit Diet Professional,providing you with the most comprehensive set of result,including a diet plan at a discounted price.      

Currently offering a massive 10% off the usual DNAFit price.
Yours TODAY for just £134

DNAFit Diet Pro

DNA information on thirteen primary diet and lifestyle variables and a diet plan suited to genetic make up with menus and recipes including a suggested shopping list.
It also provides shopping lists and product recomendations for your favourite retailers,based on your DNAFit Diet results.

Email info@actionfitnesscornwall.co.uk for price details.

DNAFit Diet Premium

DNA information on four primary diet and lifestyle variables and a diet plan suited to genetic make up with menus and recipes.

Improve your health by getting insight into genetic nutrition preference

Diet plan, menus and recipes
Your test includes a personalised diet plan with menus and recipes

Also includes Exercise guidelines
Learn how much exercise is right for you,to accompany your diet.

Email info@actionfitnesscornwall.co.uk for details

When you have made your choice, contact me to get your product at the discounted price.