Kettlebells are an ancient type of training which has recently become popular again due to the amazing benefits it brings. They can be traced to 16th century russia and also to ancient Greece.Many of the old time strongmen built amazing physiques and extraordinary strength,fitness and health with kettlebells.More recently they have been used by elite athletes,special forces,law enforcement and mixed martial arts fighters. There use and benefits are now spreading to mainstream gyms and fitness enthusiasts because they are perfect for just about everyone.

A kettlebell is basically an iron cannonball with a handle. Due to its structure and offset center of gravity it provides a far more challenging workout than ordinary dumbells. Due to the often ballistic nature of kettlebell training it also provides a superior cardiovascular workout.

Most kettlebell exercises are compound movements which work the whole body.This provides a high level of functional strength and fitness.The amount of oxygen this needs will give you a challenging cardio workout..For most people this is much more suitable than the isolation exercises of traditional bodybuilding.It will build strong lean fit bodies as opposed to bulked up muscle. It is perfect for interval training, which has been proven to increase fitness to a higher level than long steady pace cardio workouts such as running, exercise bikes or cross trainers. Kettlebells will build strength, improve muscle tone and build a high level of aerobic fitness.

One of the major benefits of a kettlebell workout is that it will raise your metabolism for 24 hours.This means that you will be burning calories at an increased rate, long after the workout is over.You simply dont get this from normal cardio training. They strengthen bones, joints and ligaments and improve flexibility and mobility. Resistance training is important for people of all ages as it strengthens bones and therefore helps to prevent or at least delay the onset of osteoporosis.While it is never to late too start resistance training, the earlier you begin the better. Kettlebells can be used alone, or combined in a workout or program, with other equipment and exercises.

Kettlebell programs and workouts can be designed for general fitness or sports specific conditioning.They are probably the most versatile piece of training equipment available. Training with kettlebells is a learned skill,almost akin to learning a martial art.However with the correct tutition anyone can start to feel the benefits in a very short time. Kettlebells are very safe if used correctly, however it is important to receive instruction from a qualified teacher when using them initially.Otherwise poor exercise form can easily cause injuries. Due to the popularity of kettlebells in recent years,many people have simply copied youtube videos,dvds,books and often just other people in the gym.This has led to many people using kettlebells wrongly and becoming injured.Some gyms have even withdrawn kettlebells because of this.

Dont let this put you off, just make sure you learn from a properly qualified instructor who will teach you the basic exercises in depth.It is essential to thorougly master the fudamentals before moving onto the advanced exercises. Kettlebell training is great fun, there is a always a progression and new stuff to learn to keep it interesting and exciting.It certainly beats the boredom of an exercise bike or treadmill,giving you twice the workout in half the time. Kettlebell training can be done in classes,small groups or one on one sessions with a trainer.